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Jackson v Schaffel: Evvy Tavasci

Discussion in 'Trial Court Docs' started by whisper, Apr 13, 2014.

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    Evelyn Tavasci testimony in Schaffel v Jackson lawsuit

    2 THE COURT: State your name, please.

    3 THE WITNESS: Evelyn J. Tavasci.





    8 Q. Good afternoon Miss Tavasci. Sorry for

    9 keeping you waiting all day.

    10 Have we met before today?

    11 A. No.

    12 Q. Do you know Michael Jackson?

    13 A. Yes.

    14 Q. How long have you known him?

    15 A. It was fifteen years last March of this

    16 year.

    17 Q. Please describe for the jury your

    18 relationship with Mr. Jackson over the fifteen years

    19 you have known him?

    20 A. Initially I was hired in March of 1991 as a

    21 second assistant for the service. In 1993 I was asked

    22 to remain on after the executive director left and my

    23 position at that point became executive administrator

    24 and personal assistant.

    25 From that point forward I had an array of

    26 duties that involved executive administration, in

    27 addition to maintaining personal contact with him,

    28 organizing his life to a certain extent, shopping for


    1 him. It was just a multitude of responsibilities.

    2 Q. Have you ever been employed by MJJ

    3 Productions?

    4 A. Oh, yes. They are the ones who paid me.

    5 Q. That's where you get your paycheck?

    6 A. Yes.

    7 Q. Your duties and responsibilities at MJJ

    8 would be just what you described?

    9 A. Absolutely.

    10 Q. Do you still work for Mr. Jackson?

    11 A. I do.

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